Having to book an appointment with a female doctor because male doctors don’t understand why it’s so hard to live with my skin condition and why I continue to wear makeup to hide it. How about societies unrealistic beauty ideals and perfection expectations for women?

New Job Alert!

Handed in my notice today after being offered the Level II Residential Support Worker position at NORSACA. Very proud to have been successful over 8 applicants and so excited to start! Nervous to be going into an organisation in a more Senior position for the first time but excited for the new challenge!

Not looking forward to telling my area manager that I’m leaving after she told me I was going to get a Senior position within United Response soon though.

Lots to look forward to, achievements to be proud of and a lovely man to be celebrating it with :) Shaping up to be a very good year for me!

I have another year to decide if I want to pursue a career internally or take up my Mental Health Nursing Postgrad in 2015Β 

Hard work paying off :)